Statement of Purpose for Educational Leadership Masters program

My experience working at admissions and records, and being a part of the Greek life community on campus have contributed to my passion for helping students.  Through admissions and records I have seen the importance of university administration systems. I have worked at Admissions and Records at the University of Nevada, Reno for about three years and have seen the processes created to help students graduate in a timely manner.  I have also participated in the degree audit system and have helped to make sure students are eligible for graduation.  It has motivated me to want to be a part of student services and be a resource to students who want to graduate on campus and may need guidance to do so.  I have also seen the growing diversity of campus throughout the years including the growing international student population. I believe that we should continue to cater to students that add to the growing diversity.

As a first generation student I understand and can relate to the feeling of alienation when coming to a new campus.  I am also well aware of the importance of resources on campus that affect student’s grades.  I, an honors diploma recipient in high school, struggled to acculturate in college. I eventually grew to settle into my niche during my undergrad. This was due to the resources on campus that I frequented. They always pledged a welcoming environment and a helping hand. Moreover, the university provides students with many resources, and there are a vast amount of groups, and clubs. These groups need strong advocates in the form of administrators, and I believe I can contribute greatly to campus life in the capacity of an administrator. In addition, each year campus becomes more diverse, each class brings their own heritage, culture, and belief system. There are also underrepresented groups such as LGBT students who need to be considered. Our campus needs administrators who are ready to meet the needs of students, who bring a variety of ideals with, and with a degree in Educational leadership I will make a difference in meeting the needs in which our campus is diversifying.

I want to take a part in helping students as an advisor or coordinator.  I have been involved in the Greek community by being a member of the Omega Delta Phi fraternity. In addition, I have first hand experience in knowing the importance of students coming together for a common goal. Establishing a culture of unity, and community is tremendously important for student graduation.  I am grateful to have had a support system in my fraternity.  I hope to be a part of a support system on campus to aid students.  I held the positions of president, vice president, standards chair, and fundraising chair.  I would like to potentially get a position as a Greek life advisor and be an advisor for fraternities and sororities,  

My experience as president of my fraternity and working alongside our Greek life advisor Megan Pepper here at the University of Nevada, Reno made me realize how important it is to work with someone such as Megan.  Megan has helped my fraternity overcome obstacles and be successful on a campus where the larger Inter-fraternity Council fraternities are the more sought after by students and the smaller Multicultural Greek council is not.  I plan to be an active member of of fraternity as a Alumni and my experience will be a great help to newer generations.  Since I have been a member for 4 years I believe that I have seen and experienced many obstacles and know how to get past those situations.  I can pass that knowledge on and be a valuable resource to fraternities and sororities facing any number of obstacles.   

I have gained experience also by coaching the lineman in a High school freshman football team this summer. The experience has helped me to work with students who have never played football before and coach them through each step and play to become a team capable of competing with other teams.  I have learned to to be a role model and an educator to those students and that is what I want to be.  I have seen that some students seek a role model in me and my fellow coaching.  Some students don’t have a clear role model at home since some student’s parents work two jobs or arrive home late from work.  I have learned to understand that they might be going through difficult situations at home but also help them understand that they have to work hard in order to be a successful student and football player.  As a hispanic male I believe I am an individual that students can relate to an lookup to.  I want to be an example of a person of color that is successful.  By going through the educational leadership program I can achieve my goal of working with students and helping them through their education.  As an advisor or coordinator I believe I would be a valuable asset since I have experience in student services especially to incoming freshman.  Out of high school I received an honors diploma and was intimidated by the college atmosphere but I overcame.  

By attaining a masters degree I will be able to move up the latter and one day get a higher up position such as Vice president of Student Affairs such as Shannon Ellis at the University of Nevada, Reno who I have me,t and is one the people I look up to.  Shannon takes the initiative and likes to hear the unique stories of students she meets.  I would like to follow that same strategy because every student’s experience should matter when it comes to higher education.  I would like to eventually work my way up to an important position such as Shannon Ellis’.  A master degree in Educational Leadership will surely begin to pave the journey to achieving that goal.  

One of my favorite albums The Growlers ‘Hung At Heart’

Santa Cruz, me and the Growlers

Throughout this semester (Summer ’16) in journalism 108 I was able to learn a lot about Photoshop and Adobe illustrator.  I am happy to say that after this class ends I will have a Bachelors and will have awesome new skills in photo editing.  This image was made early on in the semester in hope that my summer would be full of days at the beach and it was.  However, journalism 108 will always be memorable because it was such a good learning experience and it is an example of a class I genuinely enjoyed attending every week.